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Relationship Signs

The relationship signs value interactions with people over direct interactions
with their environment or a focus on abstract ideas.

Relationship Signs at their Best & Worst...

At Their Best, relationship signs are always concerned about their friend or mate's feelings, needs and thoughts. They are the signs who do nice things for people just for the sake of making the person happy.

At Their Worst, they have extremely high expectations of other people. They expect people to put them first and are critical of people who don't.


Leo...Self-Expression Through Relationships

Leos try to see themselves through other people and anticipate how others will react to them. They want to feel appreciated by other people, but most importantly, by one, other special person. Having an impact and making a difference to other people makes them feel alive. Like Aries, they are blunt, honest and up front, but they weigh their point of view, feelings and thoughts through their relationships with others and the reactions of other people rather than dealing directly with their environment. They filter themselves through other people. If the reaction from others is bad, they hone their behavior accordingly in order to appear attractive to others. Abstract ideals are interesting to them, but not their primary concern. Their audience, which is other people, is their concern. Ideals are nice, but directly interacting with people more easily gets them noticed and appreciated by others.

Virgo...Physical Experience Through Relationships

Virgo wants to experience the tangible world through relationships. This makes them both helpful and critical. More important than their own need to organize and perfect their world, they focus on how other people are interacting with the physical world. They talk about how much money other people earn and have. Monetary interactions with other people are a focus in their lives. This can involve purchases or joint ventures, including how money is made and spent in marriages. Sex is important to Virgo as this is the best and most direct way of enjoying the physical world with another person. Being the earth based, relationship sign, they are very physical about sex and have a tendency to miss subtleties of emotion between people because they focus on the physical act. They are reliable when it comes to helping others with responsibilities and not likely to let people down, but their expectations of others is equally high. When people let them down in matters of daily chores, work or general earthly responsibilities, they feel betrayed and will be clear in expressing this to the other person.

Libra...Thinking Through Relationships

As an air sign, Libra lives in a world of thoughts and ideas, and as a relationship sign, these thoughts and ideas are focused on their interactions with other people. Relationships, experienced on an intellectual plane, are Libra's focus. They are primarily concerned with the "shoulds" of relationships, how other people should be treated and how they should be treated in return. They think their way through relationships more than feeling their way, and they can become obsessed with this thinking. Although it's wonderful that they put so much thought and consideration into their dealings with other people, honest feelings and thoughts from their heart are appreciated more than well thought-out politeness for its own sake.

Scorpio...Feeling Through Relationships

Emotions are satisfied through relationships for Scorpios, making them one the most interesting signs in astrology. Scorpios seek emotional fulfillment through other people, which is tricky. Relying on other people for emotional satisfaction can run the spectrum from extremely satisfying and joyful, to extremely frustrating or even depressing. Other people don't always measure up to Scorpio's expectations. Because Scorpios base much of their emotional happiness and peace on the willingness of other people to please them, they can be controlling in trying to get people to behave in ways that satisfies them. Like every sign, they want their relationships to work. i

Astrology 101

The universal signs value worldly ideas over 
direct interactions with their environment or relationships.

Universal Signs at their Best & Worst...

At Their Best, universal signs strive for a high level of acceptance for the differences between people. They try to live by high moral standards and accept those who don't.
At Their Worst, universal signs hold themselves as though they are above other people or withdraw from the world and other people in search of some kind of universal peace that they never seem to find.


Sagittarius...Self-Expression Through Ideals

Sagittarians create and live in their own world of opinions and ideals. Their need to express these opinions and ideals is a driving force in their lives. They are constantly evaluating and reporting their point of view regarding the state of the world and the actions of other people. Their opinions are strong and they are likely to go out of their way in making their points clear. They will boycott people and places that don't adhere to their ideals and standards just to make their message loud and clear. Obviously, this behavior puts relationships second to the importance of sticking to their standards. Everything is filtered through their philosophical sieve. Direct interaction with the physical world is included. If experiences don't measure up to their philosophy, they aren't necessary. This isn't to say that Sagittarians aren't accepting and forgiving or that they can't be flexible enough to get along in relationships. They are. They realize that their opinions aren't accepted by everyone, but as long as they are given the freedom to express them as they wish, they can get along happily in this world or with any other person.

Capricorn...Physical Experience Through Ideals

This universal, earth sign strives to grasp the greater meaning in our physical existence. Experiencing the physical, earthly world from a universal point of view is a bit of a paradox. Very much an earth sign, they see things plainly and know how to navigate in our physical world, but they are never satisfied with just accepting the purely physical existence. Their universal point of view keeps them searching for more and asking why. Why are we here? What are we supposed to accomplish? This universal, earth perspective makes Capricorns commonly interested in anything metaphysical. They are always torn between the physical world and the possibilities of greater meaning. Stemming from this struggle is a common theme for Capricorn, self-deprivation. A desire to put themselves above the physical world and have the ability to control it is found in their ability to exert will power and resist earthly temptations. Restraint, and control over their earthly desires is how they put themselves above the physical world and maintain their universal perspective.

Taurus...Direct Physical Experience

Taurus wants a direct experience with the tangible world that is as rich as possible. Physical sensation in the form of touch, hearing, taste and sight are extremely satisfying to them. They seek out these sensations constantly in the form of fine foods, fabrics, music, and art. Taurus prefers to find their own way in life that provides them with a straight line between them and their environment where they can find enjoyment in these pleasures. They don't need other people to provide these things to them or to interpret them. They are the primary and ultimate judges of what is pleasurable in their world. An appreciation of nature is found as it is easy to interact directly with nature and have one-on-one experiences with the beauty the physical world provides in the form of scenery, and other sensory input.

Aquarius...Thinking Through Ideals

As an air sign, Aquarius is quite at home in the universal arena of the zodiac. Putting thoughts and ideas into the universal realm of ideals and philosophies is easy for Aquarius. This sign is truly the leader of this group. Putting intellectual principals before direct physical needs or relationships is second nature for Aquarius. In fact, their greatest weakness is letting this go too far. Lacking an earthy sensitivity in these areas is a common pitfall for Aquarius. It's so easy for them to stick to ideals that they can forget the other signs don't have their same conviction and need a little patience and understanding. Aquarius doesn't filter their behavior or ideas through other people, but more than any sign, they do try the hardest to treat other people well. Their standards are high and other people always benefit from their strict adherence to them. Aquarius will sacrifice their own earthly desires in favor of their ideals and these ideals are always for the benefit of other people. i

Personal Signs at their Best & Worst

The personal signs prefer to interact directly with their environment 
rather than through other people or abstract ideals.

Personal Signs at their Best & Worst...

At Their Best, personal signs are authentic and real. They have few expectations of others and are difficult to offend.
At Their Worst, personal signs are oblivious to others and live in their own world constantly striving to satisfy their own needs.


Aries...Direct Self-Expression

Aries want to have a direct impact on their world. They have no need to work through relationships with others or a desire to follow greater rules of the universe. They are blunt, honest and up front. Being sure about their own point of view, feelings, and thoughts gives them confidence to express themselves freely and genuinely. Their honesty of expression comes from their unique position as first in the order of the zodiac. Aries interacts directly with their environment. They simply experience things they encounter directly and worry less than the other signs about how others view them. They enjoy the experience of having an effect on their immediate environment without concern over judgement, and they are fearless in doing so.

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Taurus...Direct Physical Experience

Taurus wants a direct experience with the tangible world that is as rich as possible. Physical sensation in the form of touch, hearing, taste and sight are extremely satisfying to them. They seek out these sensations constantly in the form of fine foods, fabrics, music, and art. Taurus prefers to find their own way in life that provides them with a straight line between them and their environment where they can find enjoyment in these pleasures. They don't need other people to provide these things to them or to interpret them. They are the primary and ultimate judges of what is pleasurable in their world. An appreciation of nature is found as it is easy to interact directly with nature and have one-on-one experiences with the beauty the physical world provides in the form of scenery, and other sensory input.

Gemini...Direct Thinking

Gemini doesn't need anyone to interpret information for them. In fact, it aggravates them when people interfere with their direct collection, dissemination and interpretation of information in their immediate environment. They will research information vigorously and reach conclusions on their own. Abstract interpretations, or the opinions of other people, are considered to be nuisances to Geminis who are quite confident in their own data collection and interpretation skills. The also dish out information without concern for the opinions of others. If something is correct in their mind, they will say it.
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Cancer...Direct Feeling

Don't tell Cancers how to feel. Their feelings are powerful and personal. They don't want other people to interpret them or judge them. Cancers exist in their environment on a feeling plane and they connect directly to their environment rather than through other people or through principles or ideas. If their feelings are judged as wrong or unnecessary by other people, they will cast these people aside. Cancers don't care if people think their feelings don't measure up to larger ideals. They are their own personal feelings that are real to them and they aren't meant to conform to other people or any ideals. i

Sun Sign Pisces, Horoscope Zodiac Sign

One thing most of us know all too well is our inherent ability to only see the best in people, even though we know better. We do this because we trust too easily before learning from our mistakes in the past, and because we honestly just want to see everyone happy. Although it hurts us 80% of the time, we continue to do it for that 20 percent of amazing results.We will give the shirts off of our backs in a heart beat for those we cherish, even if they hurt us repeatedly.

Our constant smiling is sometimes joked about, but in the end it shows just how positive we try to remain in any situation. One thing is for sure, is that if we are having a hard time, we internalize it as much as we can before speaking out about it. So if anyone hears us complain about something, it's probably a big deal. Although trying to remain positive, most of us suffer with internal melancholy or laziness (which makes sense considering fish go downstream rather than fighting up it). Low self-esteem may be an issue, but in some cases we are confident and the life of our social groups.
We are masters of the arts because we are constantly daydreaming, imagining, and vividly living. Music is the fire for our souls, and releasing our creativity on paper, canvas, CD tracks, etc. helps us remain in control of our emotions and have a level head.

When a guy tries to date a Pisces girl, he will be quick to find out that he will feel like more of a man because we as Pisces women feel a strong need for a protector and leader. If he is successful in making us feel secure, he will be rewarded with nurture and praise in every situation imaginable.

Similarly, when a girl tries to date a Pisces guy, she will discover the man that all girls say doesn't exist: romantic, intimate, sweet and willing to talk about emotions. He needs a woman who will be an anchor to his whimsical view of the world, so the woman will feel like the alpha. i

Secrets Of The Aquarius Personality

Aquarius love more than anything to be in the company of other people. One of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, they are true “people” people. Aquarius will find their kindness helps them attract friends wherever they go. Their humanitarian beliefs make them concerned for the welfare of all. Yet, while they love people, they tend to avoid getting too deeply involved in a relationship for fear of losing their independence. They feel good in a group or a community, so they constantly strive to be surrounded by other people.

Aquarius sees the world
People born under the Aquarius sign, look at the world as a place full of possibilities.

Aquarius are quite an intelligent lot and that’s something you really need to respect the hell out of them for! Not that I think other signs are less intellectually equipped, of course, it’s just that I’m surrounded by Aquarius and I found them very Intelligent people.

Aquarius is a fast learner and a total sponge for knowledge. The Aquarius is forever a student in the school of life and they have a natural gift for understanding new ideas and concepts… FAST. Their interests are diverse and they are always on the hunt for new ideas and new ways of thinking.

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Aquarius looks for the best in people and they are willing to give someone a second chance. The Aquarius instinctively looks for the best in people and when somebody close to them screws up, they’re willing to forgive them and give them a second chance rather than holding onto negative energy. However on the down side they can sometimes be so willing to forgive that they give people a second chance that don’t necessarily deserve it.

Aquarius has strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to voice them. Aquarius is always willing to listen to what everyone has to say but they’re also not afraid to voice a few opinions of their own. They’ve often put a lot of thought into the things that they believe and aren’t afraid to defend their ideals and notions.

Aquarius wants to improve the world.
The main objective of the people born under this Sign Aquarius, is to improve the world around them and make it a better place to live in. They are humanitarian people in the true sense of the word. These progressive-minded individuals, who follow their intuition and are quick to involve others in their efforts to improve the world

Aquarius is a great problem solver.
They are able to see without prejudice, on both sides, which makes them people who can easily solve problems.
Aquarius is a great listener and also gives some pretty damn good advice too. Aquarius hates to see their friends down or sad and they are always there for them when they need somebody to talk and vent with. Not only are they damn good listeners but they are also full of wisdom and useful advice.

Aquarius has unusual ways of showing they care.
They can be eccentric in their ways and have unusual ways of showing they care but it doesn’t mean they care any less. They just tend to do things differently.

Aquarius prefer to live their life with a sense of adventure.
Aquarius embraces change and can be quite unpredictable. They prefer to live their life with a sense of adventure. This sense of spontaneity makes them a lot of fun to be around and keeps their friends constantly on their toes!

Aquarius have a rebellious side that hates being told what to do or how to think. The rebellious side of Aquarius comes out when people try to force their will upon them demanding that they change the way they think or act.

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Aquarius are creative and imaginative, but better at dreaming up ideas rather than putting them into practice. They would rather spend their time thinking up new ideas than putting the ones they have already thought of into motion. They leave that job to others. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are true visionaries and leaders. Aquarius relish in their unconventional ways. Their unusual thoughts lead them to think “outside of the box” and therefore, they are often seen as great thinkers.

Aquarius are perfect leaders.
The combination of their creative attributes, original thoughts, kindness, and love of people makes them perfect leaders. However, while they will take your opinion of something into consideration, you may be unlikely to change their own thoughts.

Aquarius can be quite emotional but they don’t always show it to others.
Aquarius can definitely be on the emotional side at times but unlike some of the other zodiac signs they often won’t be so obvious about it. When their emotions are running high they can distance themselves from the world requiring time to deal with things in their own way. They can get irritated if people try to pry and interrogate them when they don’t feel like talking. And sometimes it’s best to just give them their space to process things. Aquarius is incredibly independent and often prefer to rely on themselves.

When a Gemini Likes You

How can you tell a Gemini likes you? Honestly, you should be able to tell. Gemini express themselves strongly through words, but they can also express their love to you through actions. You should feel like a Gemini has a certain amount of focus toward you. The tricky part might be that Gemini is a social sign, so you might not know if you are special to them or if you are being treated the same as everyone else.

Gemini are contagious, happy going souls -- for the most part. They like to keep things light rather than too dense or heavy (think Scorpio). This is someone who will talk to you extensively. They don't like to put too much emotion forward first, but if they are willing to go deeper and are opening up, then that's a clear sign. If they start saying they like you and open up about their feelings -- this is a clear indicator.

Gemini Astrology Love Profile

If they are sharing personal experiences and want to have certain experiences with you, then this is a plus. Also, if they want to pick you for their adventures and partners in crime, then they are interested in your company and spending more time with you. If they really like you, they will focus their all-over-the-place air energy on you. They want to apply a little bit more seriousness and commitment to you, which can be shocking to them. Gemini like to bounce from idea to idea... and person to person before going super deep. They move to more intention when they found someone they feel is worth stepping into that place.

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Here is the thing about air signs. They are generally considered the geniuses of the zodiac and spend a great deal of time focusing on ideas and staying in their heads. They have just as intense of emotions, but they typically guard this. It can feel heavy and overwhelming to spend more time in an emotional state, and they feel vulnerable as their high mental state combines with those emotions. A heartbreak for an air sign who is really trying to have an emotional attachment, might be the hardest kind of heartbreak because it will be felt all over the body. They mentally connect with someone and have a great deal of mental activity going on in their minds. So don't be surprised if any air sign takes awhile to open up. If they are trying to rush through things, then they are probably not trying to give you the care you deserve and are not paying enough attention to the course of the relationship.

Gemini Cheat Sheet

Gemini Cheat Sheet

Who Is the Gemini?

What exactly is a Gemini and where is it getting its energy? The Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. It comes after the frenetic energy of Aries and Taurus who start off the zodiac year. Aries comes after the cold, clearing canvas of winter. As a fire sign, it gets the job started to make the spring season happen. It is full of storms, new life coming into the planet, and changes in temperature from very cold days to warmth finally making its way back into the area. Aries as a cardinal sign is all about moving and shaking the scene. The second born child of the zodiac, Taurus, feels it needs to compete with Aries as a spring season to harbor life. Taurus has the quality of an Adam in the Bible who takes care of the animals and plants. Taurus is a gardener, someone in tune with their senses, and a genius in their own right to manage all the creatures left behind in Aries quick and frenetic wake. Then we come to Gemini.

Gemini experiences life after all the process has happened. It doesn't need to focus so much on gardening or managing. It is a time of celebration when life has already established itself. The twins, both male and female can exist together in the garden. Gemini is the time of year when people want to get married, when students graduate from school, and people want to take vacations. The wild weather of the previous two seasons -- from snow, hail, tornadoes, hot days, and cold days -- chills out when we arrive in Gemini. We generally don't see snow in May, we generally don't see below 30 degree temperatures, unless of course... you live in the north most part of the planet. *Western astrology does tend to favor lessons in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern hemisphere, where we experience seasons in reverse.

Gemini naturally has a bubbly affinity for life. They like to keep things positive, healthy, and egalitarian. As they grow and mature, they want to be more humble and open minded. Gemini can run into problems when they are young and believe passionately they are right about something, creating a tunnel like focus, but also being too stubborn and limited to hear new and fresh ideas, or alternate perspectives. A Gemini experiences duality as the twin sign. Gemini wants to be open to the world and what it has to offer and wants fairness and equality for all. But sometimes Gemini needs to step away from the crowd, otherwise they brood and become moody. They need their independence or else they become a chameleon. This can come up in a healthy relationship. Gemini wants to emotionally comfort their partner by mirroring what they do, and this comes on at both a conscious and an unconscious level. It is important to encourage a Gemini to show their true colors, rather than only take to your interests and one day have a mental breakdown when they don't know themselves.

[youtube src="sD0u2_3T54E"][/youtube]

Flirting Tactics

Gemini will likely converse with you about a number of topics before getting into the heaviness of emotion. They may look to touching you and giving you affection first before going into their emotions and combining their thoughts, speech, and feelings together. This is normal for a Gemini who feels vulnerable when unveiling deeper matters of the heart. They like to introspect and play with the ideas before completely unveiling them. Gemini likes to flirt and keep things light before committing. Commitment should naturally come of itself rather than being forced or twisted into action. Gemini needs room to consider its heart, consider what it wants to do, and a number of other important goals.

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You can expect long texts from a Gemini, constant contact, and it is what they are good at doing. They like to dabble in new things, they can change their life direction frequently because they have so much going on in their heads. They are guided by Mercury -- the household of communication and mobility. They like to experience the world, be spontaneous, fun, and converse.

You may have to occasionally tell them it is okay to sit in silence. They are talkative, and if it's not coming out of their mouth -- their loquaciousness is happening inside their head.

[youtube src="fFHjfzbGwYA"][/youtube]

Signs Gemini Likes You

Signs Gemini Likes You

Gemini and Emotions

They like to keep things light, fresh, and they have to have communication whether it is verbal, written, letters, or sharing ideas from music -- they always need some ideas tunneling through their brains. In romantic relationships, with their sweetness and lightness they can be overwhelmed by their feelings. It can be uncomfortable to be in a spot where they can't find words. This could be made much worse if dating a water sign who wants this heaviness up front. Gemini expects to find space and also connection and conversation. They want to be able to do their own thing, and then enjoy you. They have a wide sense of humor, they do not like manipulation or passive-aggression, and Gemini does not like to be tied down.

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They want to feel their partner isn't leaning on them for their emotional validation. Gemini's biggest fear is that they don't have emotional depth, but to be honest it's there and much more vulnerable than other signs. Air signs are guarded for a reason. Don't accuse them of being shallow, but help them to put words to their feelings. This is how you can help them to overcome this hard spot and help them to grow. It's a big deal if they are conveying their inner most feelings.

Gemini and Emotions

Signs a Gemini Likes You

  • 1. Gemini will send you constant messages throughout the day. You'll find your inbox full of various videos, memes, and cute sayings. Except long letter like messages, and they hope you'll return the favor to some degree. It is fun for a Gemini to communicate and have someone stay on the same brainwave as them.
  • 2. Openly affectionate. They'll like break the touch barrier. Gemini are open to hugs, kisses, cuddling, and the like.
  • 3. Likely to consider your needs and comfort you. They like to pamper someone who impresses them.
  • 4. If you have brains, a Gemini will be interested. If you do not have brains, they likely won't see you as a good match.
  • 5. You can expect fun, creative, and adventurous dates. Take them to an art museum or somewhere you can find a great number of ideas and potential conversation topics. They'll keep you entertained with the witty things in their head.
  • 6. They'll become protective of you, and want to include you more and more into their life.
  • 7. Likely to struggle with knowing what to say and expressing self through actions instead, they are wordsmiths, but dealing with emotions can throw them a curveball.
  • 8. It should be clear when they really like you because they'll seem incredibly focused and intentional. It is hard to miss at that point.
  • 9. They'll make requests for your company.
  • 10. They will have a hard time judging you, and if you are clever, absurd, or different -- they may find you altogether charming and as though you are seducing them.
  • 11. You'll find your Facebook covered in posts from them.
  • 12. You'll find your Instagram account constantly liked by them.
  • 13. You can expect gifts, displays of love, maybe some traditions turned on their head while other traditions remain old school. He might pay for several date related items; she may dress to impress.
  • 14. Calling you terms of endearment.
  • 15. Trying to get along with your friends or pets to the best of their ability.
  • 16. Incorporating you into various parts of their life. Feeling a sense that you're missing when you are not involved.
  • 17. Romantic confessions. Flat out telling you about their interest.
  • 18. Driving several hours just to come see you and go on an adventure.
  • 19. Talking in more depth about their personal life from family, friends, hobbies, and philosophies.
  • 20. More jokes than you could possibly handle. They love to show you their interest through their wit. i